Dana Boulé is an American composer, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreuil Sous-Bois, France. Her career spans seven studio albums from punk rock to classical, pop, folk and film/tv/theater scores. Her music has been featured in Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris, Oscar nominated Jimmy Neutron and Sesame Street. She has scored multiple independent features, theater pieces and commercials for clients including MTV Networks and Marie Claire.


A classically trained pianist, she received a degree in theater from UCLA, moved to New York where she studied kung fu, became a music supervisor for tv/film and embraced the thriving punk scene as front-woman for the bands Stupid and The Sobs with whom she released three albums and had a successful career touring.


She relocated to Paris, France in 2008 where she realized that life has a softer side and so went back to her roots in classical music and storytelling to embark on her first solo album, the lush orchestral pop Going, Gone released in 2009. Several tracks from the album have been featured in films such as Drool (starring Laura Haring, Mulholland Drive). In Paris, she met fellow American singer-songwriter Erica Buettner and together they formed the indie folk duo The Resident Cards whose 2013 release We Won't Leave Any Trace received four star reviews ("...a gem of an album" - R2 Magazine, "a superb piece of work" - Fatea Magazine, UK).


Dana released her second solo album in 2015, We All Need To Calm Down, a spacious 90 minute soundscape designed for mindfulness, meditation and movement. Using inspiration from her yoga practice and her experience in film, classical and folk, she gathered eight musicians from various styles and blended genres together to create a calming mix of songs currently featured in dozens of films worldwide.

An experienced music teacher, Dana has worked with children since 1995 directing theater, music workshops and teaching private lessons. She founded Petit Punk Rock in 2012 with workshops in both the U.S. and France. While raising her bilingual son, she was inspired to write and record an electropop family album using both the American and French children in her family. The result is What Do You Want To Be? / Que est-ce que tu veux-être?, a double album in English and French made for singing, dancing and learning while having fun!

What Do You Want To Be? / Qu’est-ce que tu veux être? was inspired by beat making and dance music so Dana teamed up with street artists Robin Drysdale (Brooklyn) and Kashink (Paris) for a colorful album and interactive book design. The album was mixed and mastered in London by Charles “Chicky” Reeves at Sublime Studios who has mixed such legendaries as Johnny Cash, Tito Puente, Radiohead and Prince among others.


What do you want to be?/Qu’est-ce ce que tu veux être? a été écrit et produit par Dana Boulé, musicienne, éducatrice et maman américaine basée à Montreuil-sous-bois, France. Pianiste, accordéoniste, Dana a commencé sa carrière à la tête des groupes punks new-yorkais Stupid et The Sobs. Connue dans le monde punk new-yorkais pour faire hurler son accordéon à travers des pédales de distortion et pour faire des cookies pour chaque concert, elle a sorti trois albums et tourné avec succès avec ses spectacles pop punks haut en couleurs. Elle s’est relocalisée à Paris en 2008, réalisant que la vie avait un côté plus doux et a sorti son premier album solo, l’album pop orchestral Going, Gone. Sa musique a été utilisée dans les bandes originales de films nominés aux Oscars tels que Minuit à Paris, ou Jimmy Neutron : un garçon génial. Dana est une moitié du duo indie folk The Resident Cards, dont l’album We Won’t Leave Any Trace sorti en 2013 sur le label Proper UK a reçu d’excellentes critiques. Dana a sorti en 2015 We All Need To Calm Down, une grande pièce instrumentale pour la méditation, qui fait partie de la bande originale de dizaines de films autour du monde. Gardant sa passion pour l’enseignement à travers toute sa carrière, Dana a fondé Petit Punk Rock, un programme de musique et d’écriture de chansons destiné à motiver chez les enfants la créativité et l’expression par la musique. Elle enseigne des ateliers musicaux en français et en anglais dans les écoles en France et aux Etats-Unis.


What do you want to be?/Qu’est-ce ce que tu veux être? est inspiré par le beat making et la dance music. Pour traduire ces influences, Dana s’est alliée avec les street artists Robin Drysdale (Brooklyn) et Kashink (Paris) pour réaliser un livre interactif haut en couleurs. L’album final a été mixé et masterisé à Londres par Charles “Chicky” Reeves (Sublime Studios), qui a mixé des légendes telles que Johnny Cash, Tito Puente, Radiohead ou Prince.